Write for Loba Outdoors

At Loba Outdoors we want to tell compelling stories for an audience of women who hunt, fish, shoot, eat/ grow/ cook wild or otherwise lead an outdoors lifestyle.

How to Pitch Loba Outdoors

  1. Original Content & Photographs. We only publish original material, if your content has been published elsewhere please don’t pitch.
  2. Target Outdoorswomen. Loba Outdoors is a resource tailored to a specific audience.
  3. Be Substantive. An article that feels too short or lacks depth probably won’t be published. Whatever your topic, dive deeply into it and write expansively. It is easier and faster to cut unnecessary material than to figure out what is missing from your post.
  4. Link to Your Sources. If you rely on outside sources or cite something in your piece – please include these references as links.

Things We Love to Publish

Actionable Information or Specific Recommendations.

While readers may care about your story, they are most interested in how they can learn from it and apply it to themselves. If you have specific experience, tips, or advice to share about the outdoors, this will be very valuable for our readership.

Evergreen Content.

“Evergreen Content” means whether your content is read tomorrow or three years from now it remains relevant. This is our ideal content and the kind people will want to share with their friends or co-workers.

Wild Game, Foraging “How-Tos” and Recipes.

Do you know the best venison dish to bring to a tailgate? How to make the best wild boar sausage under the sun? If so, we would really love to hear from you.