#Loba of the Week: Shelby Arman, Bowhunting Black Bear.

When did you Start Hunting?

I started turkey  hunting when I was seven years old with a shotgun. I was lucky enough to take several turkeys before I was ten. My father was  big bow hunter so I started shooting bow with him and it soon became my passion and I pretty much haven’t touched a gun since.

What Seasons do you go out for?

I have had the opportunity to hunt deer, turkey, bear and just recently shot my first antelope.

Tell Us About your Bear Hunt!

I have been fortunate to have grown up with a dad that has a passion for hunting and the outdoors. The past 10 years he has been part of Ultimate Outdoor Adventures TV which has opened up many opportunities for me.

I’ve successfully taken several deer with my bow, but this past spring was my first trip to Canada to hunt bear.  On the third day of the hunt I found myself in a flat bottom boat traveling up a winding river to a remote trappers cabin.

trappers cabin

The next afternoon of the hunt my dad and I had just settled in the stand when this beautiful black bear presented me with a 15 yard shot. The evening ended with a quick celebration back at the trappers cabin. A special thanks to my dad and everyone who helped make my first bear hunt a success.


My bear was a bore and weighed around 225 pounds. To say the least it was an adventure of a lifetime.

Want to Bowhunt Black Bear?

black bear teeth

  • It is a totally different game hunting an animal that is able to hunt you.
  • Practice! The biggest difference in hunting with the gun vs a bow is the amount of time and practice it takes to become confident and proficient with your bow.
  • If it is your first time hunting bear (like it was mine) find someone that will take the time that has hunted bears before to sit with you while on stand. I can’t image what I would have felt like walking out of my stand at dark without my dad.

Shelby Arman is part of TEAM UOA. You can find her personally on Twitter @Shelby_Arman17, and check out Team Ultimate Outdoor Adventures TV.