Loud as a Jackhammer: Titanium Whistle

If you’re going to spend any significant time outdoors – especially hunting, backpacking or camping – you should have a screaming loud whistle in your survival kit. Seriously. Even the Boy Scouts say so.

This tiny pocket wonder is made out of titanium (so it won’t break or fail where plastic stuff will), and it is loud. How loud? 100+ decibels loud.

And what is 100+ decibels loud, you ask?

  • chain saws
  • a pneumatic drill
  • speeding trains
  • riveting machines

You get the picture.

At only $10.95 and because they’re Made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee (yes, forever)… you can afford to pick up one for your pack, “go” bag, and give one to a spouse, child, or that good friend who always manages to get lost.