The Pheasant Hunting Capital of the World.

Sometimes there are states that just appreciate the value of hunters, and South Dakota is one of those states. It’s recently been called the “pheasant hunting capital of the world,” and is living up to the name by rolling out the red carpet for hunters…almost literally.

If you decide to fly into Sioux Falls Regional Airport to do some hunting this year, you’ll actually find booths filled with cookies, coffee and lemonade welcoming you! Pheasant hunting season starts this Saturday at noon, and they expect it to be a busy one, as always.

According to Kekoland News, the visitor’s bureau stated , “They rent cars. They rent other vehicles. They buy merchandise at stores. They buy dog food and of course hunting licenses and shells. It’s a great economic boom for stores of all kinds throughout the community.” They recognize the value of hunters, and they understand that with our meetups, and getting together with family and friends to hunt comes the benefits to the state.

We want to give a personal thanks to the Sioux Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau for being a great example of what a true welcome looks like. If you keep treating hunters like this…it will be hard for us to go anywhere else – and maybe that’s exactly the point.