pheasant hunting

The Pheasant Hunting Capital of the World.

Sometimes there are states that just appreciate the value of hunters, and South Dakota is one of those states. It’s recently been called the “pheasant hunting capital of the world,”  [...]

woman gator hunting

Gator Hunting? A Monster her First Time Out.

 “It was totally unbelievable.” Yes, first time gator hunter Beth Trammell landed a very big boy in Issaquena County, along the Mississippi River. She was the first to beat the record for  [...]

apples on the tree

Why You Should Go Apple Picking!

Remember that crunchy wonderful sweet but tart texture of a fresh apple right off the tree? You pick it, rub it a bit on your shirt to get off some  [...]

lost in the woods

Lost? 9 Tips to Survive in the Woods

If you grow up spending a lot of time outdoors, you sometimes forget that it's even possible to get lost. It almost seems like a sixth sense to just know  [...]

woman hunting

What to Take & Fitting the Female Hunter

From Overlooked to Women-Specific. Until recently the female hunter has had to make due with gear made for men or youth. These past few years women have been flooding the  [...]

car arrow video

Can a Car Really go Faster than an Arrow?

We were skeptical of this one. Either way, it's fun to see. What do you think...can a car go faster than an arrow? Enjoy!  [...]

woman deer hunting

#Loba of the Week: Jamie Barnes, 3 harvests in 30 minutes.

How did you get into Hunting? I started hunting with my dad when I was a young girl. I would go sit with him in the deer stand or duck  [...]

bass fishing girl

Buying your First Bass Boat…and a lot of Wisdom.

For the Love of Lake Fishing... I started lake fishing from a boat three years ago. It was wonderful finally getting to all the good spots instead of giving into  [...]

preserving herbs

How to Preserve Your Herbs.

So you've done all the work growing some beautiful herbs, but how to enjoy them all year long? How to Preserve your Herbs: It is fairly agreed on that there  [...]

bowhunting practice

Bowhunting Strategy: Crush your Friends.

How I got Started... Like many people I started hunting with a rifle. I used my father-in-laws .243 for the first two years until I received my .270 as a  [...]

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