#Loba of the Week: Sue Bye (Fishes EVERY Day!)

How did you get involved in fishing?

I actually started fishing in April of 2012, I was 23 then. My boyfriend introduced me! Never in my life did I ever think I’d learn how to fish…or even go fishing. It has never crossed my mind at all. Funny right? I come from a sheltered/strict family…never did much outdoors, although I LOVE the outdoors. So to me, it’s kind of crazy because I just would’ve never thought I’d be so crazy about fishing.

It took me awhile to actually understand what bait was used to catch what kind of fish. I always wondered, “how come I’m not catching any bass?!” Well, I didn’t realize that different tackle, bait, lures, etc. were used to catch different fish. Of course. That’s how uneducated I was about fishing.

I’ve never been so excited and passionate about anything in my life. And because I wanted to learn how to catch fish, and especially all the different kinds of beautiful fish, that alone gave me the motivation and drive to learn how to “jig” certain ways, different techniques, etc. My boyfriend has been fishing for 20+ years. I’ve learned everything from him.

Also fishing every day after work and on the weekends has helped me get my skills in check. It also makes it convenient when I’m only a 10 second walk from the Erie Canal Lock.

What types of fish are you after?

girl fishing

When I go fishing, I usually go after crappie or bass. They are the most common around where I live. They’re just so much fun to catch and they’re beautiful fish! I would of course love to catch other types of fish, just haven’t yet.

Where I live, I fish from the wall, I’ve caught catfish, sheepshead, bass, bluegil, yellow perch, and crappie. Sheepshead and catfish are fun to catch because the ones here are fun to reel in. They put up a good fight sometimes…it makes it exciting!

What kinds of fishing do you do?

The only type of fishing I’ve done is angling. I started out using a push button reel. I had the Shakespeare Ugly Stik rod. Great beginner rod for sure. Then for my birthday I asked my boyfriend for an open face reel and new rod…so he bought me the Berkley Cherrywood Medium rod. It has an 8 pound test on it as well. It is my baby!

What do you love about your particular set up?

fishing girl

What I love about my setup is that I can catch all kinds of fish on it…from pan fish to decent size cat fish. It’s my all in one rod. I do have another larger rod that I use also when I go night fishing. I’ll have that rod set up and let it sit while I’m also using my medium rod to do some more action fishing.

As for what I like to use when fishing I like to use it all! Lately I’ve been using live bait..minnows, worms, crayfish, and leeches! It also depends on where I’m fishing. I like to use spinners and top-waters as well. I’ve even used sharp cheddar cheese. Cat fish love it where I live!

What’s your biggest catch to date?

My biggest catch would be when I first started my fishing adventure..I believe it was my third or fourth time fishing. I was on boat in lake Champlain, cat fishing with my boyfriend and friends when all of a sudden my line went running. To my surprise it was a big cat!

We never weighed it because we didn’t have a scale but it was probably around ten pounds. It ended up breaking my line. Had to quickly grab the line and my boyfriend had to help me..we ended up grabbing it with a net in the end to pull it in.

Is it true that you fish every single day?!

fishing girl

Yes, I go fishing every day! I live only a 10 second walk from the Erie Canal Lock so it makes it very convenient. Unless the waters are real dirty or murky from tons of rain, I’m out there every day after work and on the weekends. I’ve done some fishing in the rain as well..usually when it first starts to rain and isn’t pouring too hard.

What I love the most about fishing is the excitement of catching something. It’s also so relaxing too. I’ve never been so passionate about anything before. I always post photos on my Facebook and everyone is so surprised that I fish and joke about me having my own tv show! I also think its pretty funny the reaction I get from people when they find out I fish.