#Loba of the Week: Sarah Skinner, Boar Slayer.

Our first #Loba of the Week is Sarah Skinner. She is an avid deer and turkey hunter in her home state of KY, but in TN she bagged her first boar.

How did you get into hunting razorback boars?

wild hog hoof printI have always enjoyed hunting and being outdoors, one of my hunting goals has been to harvest a razorback boar. My goal was unattainable in the area that I’m from so I did some research and found that razorbacks were plentiful in Tennessee.

After thoroughly searching Tennessee hunting camps I came across a place called Wilderness Hunting Lodge in Monterey, Tennessee that had plenty of razorbacks. This is not a place that you can just walk out of your cabin and shoot one, I had to work hard to hunt one down.

The thrill of my first boar kill was phenomenal, something I’ll never forget.

There is nothing like the look of 300 pound boar staring you down and getting ready to charge you right before you take your shot. It was an awesome experience.

What do you usually hunt with?

rooting wild hog

For the razorback I took my Marlin .243 because of the dangers of the boar charging after I shot it with a bow. With my .243 it fell over right after the shot and died immediately.

Where you can find Sarah hunting when deer or turkey season rolls around…

I hunt in the western part of Pulaski county in Kentucky. I prefer my bow (a Mathews passion) when hunting deer but if I have to use a gun I usually use my Marlin .243.

If out hunting turkey, I use my Mossberg 12 gauge. I usually go out with my husband, but I hunt alone if he is busy working.

Sarah’s tips on being successful…

  • Patience, never give up no matter what the trail camera has on it, no matter how many people make fun of you and put you down.
  • Don’t give up on something you enjoy because of other peoples opinion.
  • You’re going to miss a few times but always try again and hang in there.

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