It’s National S’mores Day: 3 Ways to Make Them!

There aren’t many people that don’t love gathering by a fire, breaking out the marshmallows, and making some amazing s’mores. Sometimes you want to take your time and talk with friends while you roast your marshmallow to that perfect golden brown, but other times you want the s’more but just get…well…lazy.

We’ve got you covered.

First, The Must-Have S’mores Ingredients:

These ingredients always remain the same. Over the years, many people have done their own spin on the s’more with various ingredients, but as for us, we stand by the American classics…

1. Chocolate bar

Any type you like works fine. If you want to make a s’more with a more exotic flavor, select a different type of chocolate bar, but most would say that a standard Hershey bar is the chocolate of choice.

chocolate bar

2. Marshmallows

There are so many varieties of marshmallows these days. You can buy gourmet, make them yourself, or just pick up a bag of standard puffed marshmallows. No surprise, we stand by the standard for this one.


3. Graham Crackers

Select the graham cracker that you like…just be sure it’s a fresh package. This is NOT the time to use leftover crackers from your pie crusts…

graham crackers


3 ways to make a perfect S’more:

Method One: The 15-Second Microwave Desperado


  1. Place the bottom cracker on a plate, stack with chocolate. Microwave for 5 seconds.
  2. Place a marshmallow on top of the chocolate, and top with second graham cracker. Microwave for 10 seconds.
  3. Take out and enjoy!

Note: You may have to adjust times to your specific microwave, but use these as a guideline and watch through the window!


Method Two: The “Next Best Thing”


  1. Turn on your oven’s broiler
  2. Break the graham cracker in half –  putting one half with chocolate face up, and the other half with marshmallow face up on a cookie sheet.
  3. Place under the broiler until marshmallows are golden brown (watch them!)
  4. Put both halves together, and have yourself a s’more!


Method Three: The Campfire Classic

S'mores Day Campfire Recipe


  1. Be sure campfire or flame is nice and hot
  2. Prepare your graham cracker by breaking in two halves, and having chocolate waiting on one half.
  3. Place marshmallow on a stick or skewer and roast until golden brown
  4. Place marshmallow on top of the chocolate, and sandwich with the other graham cracker half.
  5. Enjoy!


Do you have any special tricks you use to make your S’mores perfect?

Share them in the comments below or tweet us @LobaOutdoors. Happy National S’mores Day, everyone!