Hunting and Fishing Etiquette: See a Litterbug, Call them On it.


There is nothing worse than watching trash float by as you attempt to fish, or seeing a candy wrapper in the woods…

Recently in Florida, it made the news when a deputy removed an entire Doritos bag from a deer’s head. While at first many could see this as kind of a funny story, if you look closer it really tells the tale of how the smallest human actions of tossing a bag on the ground, can have such terrible affects on the animals around us. In this case, the deer was an endangered white-tail subspecies found distressed and struggling to breathe. It’s this sort of careless attitude that not only harms the animals, but ends up polluting our streams.

Be the Gatekeepers of What you Value.

As those who hunt and fish, to some extent we’re gatekeepers of the land and animals we value. We know that one of the best parts of getting outdoors is sharing in the wilderness that is largely untouched by the chaos and problems of the larger world. While many of us are involved in land and water preservation efforts on a larger scale, it is equally important to be sure to be vigilant about what we see in the world around us every day, particularly in the water and woods. Be mindful to always be sure to bring your trash home with you when you hunt or fish and insist your friends do the same.

Little things make a difference.

Pass it on.

Image Credit: Associated Press