Ever See a Black Deer?

If you’ve never seen a black deer, you’re not alone. While we might be used to seeing periodic “albino” species that are white, we aren’t accustomed to seeing the opposite..a rare, seldomly seen color variation called “melanism,” that makes the animal entirely black.

Obviously, this little one is the only member of the family to have the special color…

black deer

Why is there such a thing as a Black Deer?

It’s a genetic advantage!

Some researchers have speculated that having this coloring helps the species survive. Given that we tend to see black deer periodically in specific areas of Central Texas where cover is thick – scientists believe it could possibly help the deer hide and avoid predators.

Where Can You Find One?

The photographer of these images, Richard Buquoi, said that he spotted these deer near Austin, TX where there seems to be a concentration of black “white-tailed” deer, although it is still rare to come across them.

Feel free to look at his amazing photography, and the images of the many animals he’s captured in the link below. We think he’s one lucky guy!


Photo Credit: Richard Buquoi via  RMBuquoi Photography