Outfish your Friends: Don’t be Duped by Early Fall Bass Fishing.


What’s Going on Out there?

Early fall is the time when a lot of us get frustrated.  It’s a transition period – the bass are not yet where you know they’ll be, but they’re not quite where they have been all summer long. You’ve been spoiled by catching some great fish (and plenty of them!) when they’re biting jigs and worms like it’s candy. You know their spots, their ledges, and now they’re not biting like they used to…so what’s going on?

Bass On the Move

The early fall is the time of year when many bass are on the move. They are leaving those summer spots and moving toward the creeks and bays where they’re going to be to get those shad. So, we can expect that they’re going to be starting to move to some transitional places – like flats on the mouth of bays, and the areas leading into the creeks where you might see a lot of brush. The shad like to gather there, and therefore, so do the bass.

What to Do…

So if you want to catch some bass in the early Fall, this is what we recommend. You have to cover a lot of water, go to those transitional places where they are, and you need a great bait.

This is the time of year when pulling out a spinnerbait is a great idea.  There are schools of shad in the water, so you really need something that is going to stand out and differentiate itself. Knowing your own area, go to the places that are “leading” to where they will be heading in the fall…but not quite there yet. That’s why it will be essential to try to cover water, and don’t be afraid to really throw it out onto the flats and reel it in.