woman deer hunting

#Loba of the Week: Jamie Barnes, 3 harvests in 30 minutes.

How did you get into Hunting? I started hunting with my dad when I was a young girl. I would go sit with him in the deer stand or duck  [...]

bowhunting practice

Bowhunting Strategy: Crush your Friends.

How I got Started... Like many people I started hunting with a rifle. I used my father-in-laws .243 for the first two years until I received my .270 as a  [...]

shelby arman

#Loba of the Week: Shelby Arman, Bowhunting Black Bear.

When did you Start Hunting? I started turkey  hunting when I was seven years old with a shotgun. I was lucky enough to take several turkeys before I was ten.  [...]

cold weather

Start Now: How to Layer from the Thrift Shop.

Hunting, fishing, and shooting are not inexpensive sports.  While all of us love the feel of a brand new item to take out with us, sometimes due to finances, we  [...]

whitetail buck

Buck Fever Explained, and The Solutions that Work.

Hunting season is almost like Christmas... You are so excited to get outside! You set your alarm, and you don't even need it...even for that crazy early morning hour. The  [...]

razorback boar

#Loba of the Week: Sarah Skinner, Boar Slayer.

Our first #Loba of the Week is Sarah Skinner. She is an avid deer and turkey hunter in her home state of KY, but in TN she bagged her first  [...]

arrow groups

Get Your Mojo Back: 5 Quick Tips to Shooting Tighter Groups

Accuracy is key when you’re out on the hunt, but consistent accuracy starts in practice. If you’re out shooting and finding that your arrow groups aren’t as tight as you’d  [...]

miranda lambert hunting

7 Female Celebrities that Hunt

Even lukewarm country music fans know Miranda Lambert is a passionate outdoorswoman. But we bet a few of the other names on this list of female celebrities that hunt will  [...]

Her First Mountain Goat Harvest

I grew up in a family that loves to hunt and fish. As a little girl I enjoyed going on hunts with my Nana and helping my Grandpa skin his  [...]

woman deer hunter

Woman vs. Whitetail: Hearing, Vision & Smell

Comparing a deer to a human being might seem silly, but when you break it down, the deer are just built differently and understanding how they work will give you  [...]

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