whitetail buck

9 Ways to Find Deer in a New Area

You come to a new area to hunt and have a limited amount of time to hunt it. You  need to get an idea of the deer in the area,  [...]

Black deer fawn

Ever See a Black Deer?

If you've never seen a black deer, you're not alone. While we might be used to seeing periodic "albino" species that are white, we aren't accustomed to seeing the opposite..a  [...]

girls first deer

Loba of the Week: Sarah Eglseder & Her First Deer!

What first got you interested in hunting? My father hunted my whole childhood, but I never showed any interest. Then I went to college to major in biology and minor  [...]

golden eagle mongolia

Because Hunting with an Eagle would be Amazing

Can you imagine riding on horseback, a golden eagle perched on your arm, and riding toward any prey you see? That's the reality of some who still practice the ancient  [...]

Stalking Antelope

Women’s Antelope Hunt Rocked it, Despite Huge Snow.

Why go out on an antelope hunt? Marilyn Kite, one of the women who came up with the idea said to Wyoming Public Radio, "We’ve found it to be just  [...]

mother and daughter hunting

How to Introduce Kids to Hunting.

The future of hunting lies in the hands of our children. Hunting is important for the conservation and management of wildlife. Without a future generation of hunters, the sport and  [...]

pheasant hunting

The Pheasant Hunting Capital of the World.

Sometimes there are states that just appreciate the value of hunters, and South Dakota is one of those states. It’s recently been called the “pheasant hunting capital of the world,”  [...]

woman gator hunting

Gator Hunting? A Monster her First Time Out.

 “It was totally unbelievable.” Yes, first time gator hunter Beth Trammell landed a very big boy in Issaquena County, along the Mississippi River. She was the first to beat the record for  [...]

lost in the woods

Lost? 9 Tips to Survive in the Woods

If you grow up spending a lot of time outdoors, you sometimes forget that it's even possible to get lost. It almost seems like a sixth sense to just know  [...]

woman hunting

What to Take & Fitting the Female Hunter

From Overlooked to Women-Specific. Until recently the female hunter has had to make due with gear made for men or youth. These past few years women have been flooding the  [...]

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