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5 Weird Tips to Survive in Cold Water.

We all love to have a good time even in the cold winter months. So you decide to go ice fishing with your friends or go out on a boat  [...]

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#Loba of the Week: Sue Bye (Fishes EVERY Day!)

How did you get involved in fishing? I actually started fishing in April of 2012, I was 23 then. My boyfriend introduced me! Never in my life did I ever  [...]

bass fishing girl

Buying your First Bass Boat…and a lot of Wisdom.

For the Love of Lake Fishing... I started lake fishing from a boat three years ago. It was wonderful finally getting to all the good spots instead of giving into  [...]

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Start Now: How to Layer from the Thrift Shop.

Hunting, fishing, and shooting are not inexpensive sports.  While all of us love the feel of a brand new item to take out with us, sometimes due to finances, we  [...]

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Never too late! Creating the Ultimate Fishing Log.

Going out fishing is an adventure, but it shouldn't be a mystery. When out fishing with friends in a new spot many years ago, we noticed that after a big  [...]

fly fishing Alaska wedding

2 Alaskan Fly Fishing Guides Tie the Knot

Kadie Walsh and Dake Schmidt, two Alaskan fishing guides, first met on the Buskin River. Nine years later, Dake proposed to Kadie here. Their Fly-Fishing Themed Wedding Proposal And on on Saturday,  [...]

Finding a Passion for Fishing after Divorce

I am a female bass angler. It's what I do and what I love! I started fishing about four years ago after my divorce. Dedication and Practice With many hours alone,  [...]

Hunting and Fishing Etiquette: See a Litterbug, Call them On it.

There is nothing worse than watching trash float by as you attempt to fish, or seeing a candy wrapper in the woods... Recently in Florida, it made the news when  [...]

Outfish your Friends: Don’t be Duped by Early Fall Bass Fishing.

What's Going on Out there? Early fall is the time when a lot of us get frustrated.  It’s a transition period – the bass are not yet where you know  [...]

GEAR: Fishing for Trout – What do I need to Start?

Go to the Middle. Whether you are a complete newbie or a veteran of the sport, you likely know that in most things – you get what you pay for.   [...]

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