lost in the woods

Lost? 9 Tips to Survive in the Woods

If you grow up spending a lot of time outdoors, you sometimes forget that it's even possible to get lost. It almost seems like a sixth sense to just know  [...]

woman hunting

What to Take & Fitting the Female Hunter

From Overlooked to Women-Specific. Until recently the female hunter has had to make due with gear made for men or youth. These past few years women have been flooding the  [...]

car arrow video

Can a Car Really go Faster than an Arrow?

We were skeptical of this one. Either way, it's fun to see. What do you think...can a car go faster than an arrow? Enjoy!  [...]

woman deer hunting

#Loba of the Week: Jamie Barnes, 3 harvests in 30 minutes.

How did you get into Hunting? I started hunting with my dad when I was a young girl. I would go sit with him in the deer stand or duck  [...]

bowhunting practice

Bowhunting Strategy: Crush your Friends.

How I got Started... Like many people I started hunting with a rifle. I used my father-in-laws .243 for the first two years until I received my .270 as a  [...]

shelby arman

#Loba of the Week: Shelby Arman, Bowhunting Black Bear.

When did you Start Hunting? I started turkey  hunting when I was seven years old with a shotgun. I was lucky enough to take several turkeys before I was ten.  [...]

dock dog jumping

When Dogs Fly… Dock Dogs are Spectacular!

The End of Summer Splash was in town, and if you've never gotten out to see Dock Dogs, you are missing something special. Getting out to the Splash was a  [...]

whitetail buck

Buck Fever Explained, and The Solutions that Work.

Hunting season is almost like Christmas... You are so excited to get outside! You set your alarm, and you don't even need it...even for that crazy early morning hour. The  [...]

razorback boar

#Loba of the Week: Sarah Skinner, Boar Slayer.

Our first #Loba of the Week is Sarah Skinner. She is an avid deer and turkey hunter in her home state of KY, but in TN she bagged her first  [...]

fly fishing Alaska wedding

2 Alaskan Fly Fishing Guides Tie the Knot

Kadie Walsh and Dake Schmidt, two Alaskan fishing guides, first met on the Buskin River. Nine years later, Dake proposed to Kadie here. Their Fly-Fishing Themed Wedding Proposal And on on Saturday,  [...]

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