apples on the tree

Why You Should Go Apple Picking!

Remember that crunchy wonderful sweet but tart texture of a fresh apple right off the tree? You pick it, rub it a bit on your shirt to get off some  [...]

preserving herbs

How to Preserve Your Herbs.

So you've done all the work growing some beautiful herbs, but how to enjoy them all year long? How to Preserve your Herbs: It is fairly agreed on that there  [...]

canning tips

Preserve your Favorites! The Only Canning Guide You’ll Need.

Welcome to the wonderful art of canning. If you are reading this you are at least considering giving it a try.  As a successful canner, I would like to share  [...]


It’s National S’mores Day: 3 Ways to Make Them!

There aren’t many people that don’t love gathering by a fire, breaking out the marshmallows, and making some amazing s’mores. Sometimes you want to take your time and talk with  [...]

Rabbit meat making a comeback

Can’t Keep them Down: Why Rabbit is Making a Comeback!

Rabbit is Making a Comeback! While you’ll pay a fortune for it in a restaurant, hunters have known for years that if cooked right, rabbit can be unbelievably good. It’s  [...]

Beef Jerky: No Dehydrator, No Problem!

A lot of beef jerky recipes will call for a dehydrator or endless hours in the oven. This is a relatively fast alternative that gives you some great tasting jerky  [...]

Easy Raw Trail Mix

This is a Loba favorite. If you want something that is literally “grab and go,” helps give you some great protein, is satisfying, and is easy to carry – this  [...]

4 Things You Need to Know About Cooking Elk.

1. You can Use it Anywhere You Likely Use Beef Elk has a flavor that is uniquely its own and isn't gamey if cooked correctly. One of the questions people  [...]

grass fed beef

The Little Guy was Right: Why Grass-Fed is better than Grain-Fed Beef

I’m sure you’ve heard the debate….but being a farm girl myself, I had to explore it.  On my family farm, along with our hunting harvests, we used to butcher one  [...]