2 Alaskan Fly Fishing Guides Tie the Knot

Kadie Walsh and Dake Schmidt, two Alaskan fishing guides, first met on the Buskin River.

Nine years later, Dake proposed to Kadie here.

Their Fly-Fishing Themed Wedding Proposal

And on on Saturday, Aug. 3, 2013, they waded knee-deep into the middle of the Bushkin to get married.

Fly Fishing Wedding Photos

Alaska River Wedding

The wedding location.

Some people get married on the river, clearly Kadie and Dake are overachievers. They (and their wedding party) may have been wearing waders… but we checked and it was only 57 °F on the day of their wedding!


Bushkin River Fly Fishing Wedding

Gratuitous fish shot. (Because what wedding doesn’t have a man walking by with two king salmon, right?) According to the Anchorage Daily News, the couple’s wedding rings were carried in the mouths of the salmon.


Alaskan fishing guides wedding

The kiss. (Note all the bridesmaids are also wearing waders beneath their dresses!)


Alaska Fly Fishing wedding couple first catch

After they tied the big knot , Kadie and Dake were handed poles and tied a few more until they caught a matching pair of pink salmon.


fly fishing Alaska wedding
And they exited through a ceremonial archway of fly-fishing poles (note the men’s poles strung with yellow line, the bride’s are strung with purple – wedding color themes, you know).

Congratulations, Kadie and Dake!



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